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Endorsed by the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, the professional society devoted exclusively to cardiovascular CT

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LEVEL 1 (with live cases) FOR CARDIOLOGISTS

Why attend a Level 1 program that requires you to return for more in-person training to reach Level 2?  Minimize your time out of the clinic by attending our 3 day program with the option of continuing your Level 2 training via software anytime before July 1, 2008.

Our Level 1 (with live cases) program is a 3 day onsite training program that gives you:

  • 5 hours of didactics specific to Cardiologists' training needs, CT physics and image acquisition, workstation buttonology and our systematic reading method for efficient and comprehensive CTA reads
  • 3 days of hands-on workstation training
  • 25 live cases
  • 50 cases with a live in-person mentored review
  • 1 to 1 student to workstation ratio (your own workstation for the entire course) (significance)
Highlights of the 3 Day Level 1 (with live cases) for Cardiologists:
  • You can easily complete your ACC Level 2 at a later date without taking additional time out of the clinic by using our CTA Mentor Self-Study Software. Alternatively, you may come back for training in person (finisher course) if you wish.

    Most Level 1 programs require you to seek additional “in person” training because they do not give you neither enough live cases nor teach you a systematic reading method. As a result, if you want to continue to Level 2, you essentially need to complete an entire Level 2 program from scratch. Our Level 1+ program truly serves as the foundation for your Level 2 completion. It is not a “get sold by the vendor, test drive the workstation” session.

  • We are an independent training center- we focus on teaching the technology, not selling the technology

  • In addition to our Level 3 instructor, we have Level 3 teaching assistants who roam the classroom to help you learn the workstation

  • Our Level 1 and Level 2 are competitively priced

  • See our up-to-date schedule for course dates

  75% of our    students come to      our course    because of a past    student's    recommendation

About 80% of the   cardiologists who   come to our Level 1   course immediately   choose to continue   on to Level 2 with us

Of these who decide to continue on to Level 2:

  8 out of 10 choose    to do it by our    self study    software program

  2 out of 10 choose    to come back for live    training

Significance of 1-to-1 Student to Workstation Ratio

1-to-1 student to workstation ratio is critical for learning CTA. Learning the necessary hand/eye coordination is virtually impossible when sharing a workstation. We have had several students who have attended another Level 1 class where they had to share a workstation with another student. We have observed that these students are at a marked disadvantage compared to students who have had only 1 day of training in our course working alone on their own workstation.

The question to ask yourself:
Why spend 2-3 days out of clinic, pay to use a shared workstation, and get no live cases when I can simply attend a 3 day course, learn a systematic reading method on my own workstation?

Once you have completed our 3 day course, you never have to return for more training if you want to use our self-study software to finish your Level 2 training.