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Methodical & Comprehensive Reading 

CTA is a complex new technology that provides a combination of breadth and depth: thorough information about a wide variety of cardiac pathologies. The learning curve on the hand/eye coordination skills and 3D visual/mental processing can be intimidating when trying to learn this potentially expensive new technology. You can invest several thousands of dollars and weeks of your time trying to learn CTA in a non-systematic manner and come away without the confidence to use CTA in your clinic.

Based on feedback from our students that many CTA training courses simply present a range of cases by a variety of lecturers, we have developed a methodical, comprehensive reading system that ensures you can readily adopt CTA into your practice. Our CTA reading method covers how to assess the study quality, non-coronary structures and coronary anatomy in a step by step process. It works to prevent misreads, under calls, and wasted time over ambiguous diagnoses.

The use of our systematic reading method is the difference between a 30 minute clinical read and a 10 minute clinical read.

This method is taught as part of our pre-class didactics, in our 3 day live class, and is the basis of our CTA Mentor Self-Study Software. Several of the testimonials on our site are from students who had attended other courses and only now feel confident reading CTA, as a result of our reading method. In fact, 75% of our student volume comes from colleagues of former students who have been impressed by our system.  

Click below for a video sample of how the systematic reading system is used in our CTA Mentor Self Study Software:
                    CTA Mentor Self-Study Software


 square  Includes how to     assess study     quality, non     coronary     structures &     coronary anatomy     in a step by step     process

 square This reading     method is the basis     of our     preclass didactics,     3 day course, and     Self Study     Software

"I have been to 3 CT courses and the course at the CVCTA center in San Francisco with Dr. DeFrance is the best. His approach provides in-depth CTA experience in addition to the basics of work station functionality, which is so hard to learn initially without being walked through the process step-by-step.

The carefully planned cases and cath correlations are also so valuable and much better organized than the previous courses I have attended. Thank you, I really feel comfortable with reading and having a solid reading method after completing the course."

                                                                                                     -Dr. Robert Phillips, Cardiologist