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LEVEL 1 (with live cases) FOR RADIOLOGISTS

Meet Your ACR Guidelines With Our Specialized "CTA for Radiologists" Curriculum in 3 Days Onsite

Why attend a Level 1 program that requires you to return for more in-person training to reach Level 2?  Minimize your time out of the clinic by attending our 3 day program with the option of continuing your Level 2 training via software anytime before July 1, 2008.

Our Level 1 (with live cases) program is a 3 day onsite training program that gives you:

  • 5 hours of didactics specific to radiologists' training needs, including a review of cardiac anatomy and function (click here to watch a clip of one of these lectures), workstation buttonology and our systematic reading method for efficient and comprehensive CTA reads. We minimize learning CT physics and CT background by making those lectures optional

  • 3 days of hands-on workstation training

  • 50 cases with a live in-person mentored review

  • 25 live cases

  • 1 to 1 student to workstation ratio (significance)
Highlights of the 3 Day Level 1 (with live cases) for Radiologists:
  • You can easily complete your ACC Level 2 at a later date without taking additional time out of the clinic by using our CTA Mentor Self-Study Software. Alternatively, you may come back for training in person (finisher course) if you wish

    Most Level 1 programs require you to seek additional “in person” training because they do not give you neither live cases nor teach you a systematized reading system. As a result, if you want to continue to Level 2, you essentially need to complete an entire Level 2 program from scratch. Our Level 1+ program truly serves as the foundation for your Level 2 completion. It is not a “get sold by the vendor, test drive the workstation” session.

  • We are an independent training center- we focus on teaching the technology, not selling the technology

  • In addition to our Level 3 instructor, we have Level 3 teaching assistants who roam the classroom to help you learn the workstation.

  • Our Level 1 and Level 2 are competitively priced

  • See our up-to-date schedule for course dates

sq 8 of 10 radiologists   who come to our   program for Level 1   immediately choose   to continue on to   Level 2 at the   conclusion of the   course

sq Please see our   testimonials for   students'   experiences

sq 75% of all our   students have come   to our course   because a graduate   of our program   recommended it to   them

Significance of 1-to-1 Student to Workstation Ratio

1-to-1 student to workstation ratio is critical for learning CTA. Learning the necessary hand/eye coordination is virtually impossible when sharing a workstation. We have had several students who have attended another Level 1 class where they had to share a workstation with another student. We have observed that these students are at a marked disadvantage compared to students who have had only 1 day of training in our course working alone on our workstation.

The question to ask yourself:
Why spend 2-3 days out of clinic, pay to use a shared workstation, and get no live cases when I can simply attend a 3 day course, learn a systematic reading method on my own workstation?

Once you have completed our 3 day course, you never have to return for more training if you want to use our self-study software to finish your Level 2 training.