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CTA Mentor Program 
To view a short narrated video of how the CTA Mentor Program functions:


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CTA Mentor is a software program designed to coach you through the interpretation of over 9,000 endpoints found in a Cardiac CTA. Using this software is equivalent to having an expert personally tutor you through each case. All cases include expert reviews and many have cath correlations. You have the ability to email the lecturer and debate the case with other students via message board.

The CTA Mentor Program coaches you through your review of 100 cases of varying pathology

Recommended For

  • Those who need additional mentored cases toward Level 2 or Level 3 certification
  • Those who need to refresh their CTA reading proficiency
  • Those who need to prepare for a Board Exam


  • 25-100 cases of varying pathology
  • Mentor self-scoring software
  • Cath correlations*
  • Live patient videos*
  • Lecture on Buttonology (Vital Images or TeraRecon)
  • Lecture on Review Method
  • 8 CME credits

    *not available on all cases
    Requirements: Vital Images or TeraRecon workstation 
4 series are available (A, B, C, D)
Each series (25 cases) = $975
Order 1-4 series, as many as you need

Here is how the CTA Mentor Program works:

  1. We send you a small external hard drive (view). On this hard drive (HD), we provide you with the DICOM files for up to 100 cases, depending on how many you need to complete your Level 2 program. You load these cases onto your 3D workstation (Vital Images or TeraRecon). Workstations are available for lease if needed.

  2. The CTA Mentor Program is also on that same HD. You can install the program on your workstation or on a nearby PC or a laptop. No internet connection is required. All that is required is a Windows XP or greater machine that has the ability to play sound. Headsets are recommended for best sound quality.

  3. The software stores all of your answers on the hard drive, which you send back to us for scoring. We will arrange a phone call tutoring session with you to discuss any areas that need attention. Upon completion, we will issue your Level 2 certificate and CMEs, if appropriate.


How to Finish Your Level 2 Training:
video Level 2 Video
acro Level 2 Comparison Chart
  • Program mentors you at your home or office

  • 25-100 cases, as many as you need

  • Interactively coaches you through reviews and provides proficiency tracking

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"I'm really enjoying the cases and the scoring, great learning experience at my own pace."
-Joel Garris, MD