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"The CTA Mentor program offered by CVCTA Education is a unique teaching tool that, in my opinion, is vital to attaining proficiency in reading CTA. Although the Level II courses provide a superb platform for commencing one's CTA experience, and meet the ACC credentialing requirements, there is little doubt in my mind that true adeptness requires greater volume and experience. 

The learning curve on CTA is steep. The corollary in cardiology training can be found in cardiac catheterization or echocardiography wherein a lot of experience is needed to become 'good' and 'confident', even though after a short time as fellows we could all do cardiac caths and echocardiograms. The model that fellowships follow is to inundate fellows with so much volume that at the end of the program trainees become totally proficient and comfortable to the point that they can be 'out there' practicing independently from day one.  If this is the model for competence in cardiac cath, echo, nuclear etc. then why should CTA be any different? 

The CTA Mentor software does exactly what a formal fellowship program does, but without you having to spend weeks/months at the training center. It takes you through a large volume of cases with incremental difficulty and forces you to systematically interpret each study from scratch to end. At the conclusion of the program, one becomes very comfortable (not to mention fast) with CTA reads - not only in identifying pathology but also systematically reading (and reporting) these studies. Each case is then interpreted for you by Dr. DeFrance or an equally skilled Level III trainer and you always have the option of firing a question to him by e-mail whenever you have any. The fact that you can undertake this structured, high volume training program in your own environment at your own pace makes it totally doable from a time perspective. 

I would highly recommend the CTA Mentor Program to anyone who considers being 'really good', 'very comfortable' and proficient at reading CTA important."
-Dr. Fahim H. Jafary, F.A.C.C., Interventional Cardiologist

"The Mentor software is amazing! One feels like you are being taught in a one on one fashion, but only you get to have the instruction at any pace you want. The software is better than any live case instruction I have seen."
-Dr. Hursh Naik, Cardiologist

"CVCTA Mentor software is excellent. It's as if you getting a one-on-one private lesson from Dr.DeFrance."   -Dr. Helen Hong

The first few cases I had slight trouble following the algorhythm. But then it was a smooth sailing. It felt like you were guiding through the cases at every step as my own personal coach. At the end of about 30 case studies, I felt very confident...it is an exciting experience. It is very comprehensive and user friendly. I would say that this tool is excellent for novice as well as experienced CVCTA readers."
-Dr. Ravi Bathina



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