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Self study Software
  • Systematized CTA reading method
  • Train on Vital Images or Tera Recon
  • 100 mentored cases (meets ACC guidelines)
  • Physician owned and operated
  • Level II 3-day onsite training option
  • Full time CTA training center
  • Independent training center (vendor neutral)
  • Earn 40 CMEs
  • Specialized curriculum:
    • CTA for the Cardiologist
    • CTA for the Radiologist
  • Learn about our NEW PVD CTA course

New to CTA
(I don't have any mentored cases)


Not New to CTA
(I have some mentored cases)

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Questions to ask a CTA training program:

  • Do I get to manipulate all the cases myself or am I only watching a recording or watching someone else manipulating the images for all 150 cases?

  • Do I have to share a workstation with another student?

  • Is there a dedicated Level 3 teacher/lecturer present during the entire course or are students ever left to work unattended?

  • How many students has the instructor trained on that specific brand of workstation? For how long?

  • For Level 1 classes: Do I get to meet my live case requirement or do I need to return for more training?

Download a printable version of these questions


“Dr. DeFrance’s systematic approach to the interpretation of the data set leaves you confident in your ability to interpret these studies in a relatively short period of time.”
-Dr. Mason Weiss, Cardiologist,
Los Angeles

“Excellent case-based course with a small interactive group that allows integration of clinical cases with workstation training.” 
-Dr. Ali Homayuni, Cardiologist, New York

"I have been to 3 CT courses and the course at the CVCTA center in San Francisco with Dr. Defrance is the best. His approach provides in-depth CTA experience in addition to the basics of work station functionality, which is so hard to learn initially without being walked through the process step-by-step.

The carefully planned cases and cath correlation are also so valuable and much better organized than the previous courses I have attended. Thank you, I really feel comfortable with reading and having a solid reading method after completing the course."
-Dr. Robert Phillips, Radiologist