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  • Systematized CTA reading method
  • Train on Vital Images or TeraRecon
  • 50 to 150 mentored cases (exceeds ACC guidelines)
  • Learn about our LOW DOSE CTA Training
  • Level two 3-day onsite* or 5-day training option
    (*Total time: 64hrs of training, earn up to 64 CMEs)
  • Learn about our 25 Advanced Cases (earn 8 CMEs)
  • Learn about our PV-CTA course (earn 50 CMEs)
  • Can I finish my Level Two in 5 straight days?
  • Specialized curriculum:
    • CTA for the Cardiologist
    • CTA for the Radiologist

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  1. Do I get to manipulate all the cases myself or am I only watching a recording or watching someone else manipulate the images for any of my supposedly mentored cases?

  2. Who is actually teaching the course? Is it the luminary whose name is on the course teaching the entire course?
    Is it a fellow or other less experienced teacher? Is it a dedicated lecturer or just one that is rotating through?
    Did the instructor pick the cases and write the curriculum?

  3. Is there a dedicated Level 3 teacher/lecturer present during the entire course or are students ever left to work unattended?

  4. How many students has the instructor trained on that specific brand of workstation? For how long? How many courses have you run in total?

  5. Is your program endorsed by the SCCT? Do you have testimonials on


  6. Do I have to share a workstation with another student?

  7. Do you own your workstations or are they borrowed from a vendor? Do you have full time tech support onsite or do you rely on the vendor to provide uncompensated support?

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"This course was simply outstanding. Dr. DeFrance was personally present throughout the entire course and reviewed each case with us in great detail. By frequent review and repetition, he was able to teach to us his detail oriented, practical, and systematic approach to case review.

Undoubtedly, I will adopt his method of reading cases in my own practice. Having already been to other introductory courses on CTA interpretation, I can state that his course was 'hands down' the best by far."
-Dr. Thomas W. Pappas, Cardiologist

"Excellent course design and execution. Dr. DeFrance keeps his audience fully engaged. Interactive component is extremely well done. Highly recommended for both cardiologists and radiologists."
-Dr. Mark L. Winkler, Radiologist

"I have been to 3 CT courses and the course at the CVCTA center in San Francisco with Dr. Defrance is the best. His approach provides in-depth CTA experience in addition to the basics of work station functionality, which is so hard to learn initially without being walked through the process step-by-step.

The carefully planned cases and cath correlation are also so valuable and much better organized than the previous courses I have attended. Thank you, I really feel comfortable with reading and having a solid reading method after completing the course."
-Dr. Robert Phillips, Cardiologist

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