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Endorsed by the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, the professional society devoted exclusively to cardiovascular CT

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Our Hands-On PV-CTA Course  
Hands-on course taught by Dr. Tony DeFrance and Dr. Peter Fail. Learn our systematic review methodology for peripheral vascular CTA in this 50 hour course. Your training will include 2 hours of online didactic lectures that can be completed at your own pace before coming to the course, minimizing your time out of the clinic. Travel to one of our training sites for a one day hands-on workstation training session. During this onsite session, you will review a wide variety of peripheral vascular pathology.

Following your hands-on training, you can complete as many as 125 additional cases using our specialized interactive training software. In total, you will review in excess of 150 cases of carotid (25%), Abdominal (20%) Pre and Post EVAR (10%) Renals and Mesenterics (10%) and Run-off (35%). Each student will have their own workstation and earn 50 CMEs.

ACC Guidelines
The ACC guidelines require 50 mentored and 100 unmentored cases. This program exceeds the standards for peripheral vascular CTA competency issued by the ACC by mentoring to 150 cases.


Advantages to PV-CTA Training
Many clinicians have found training in PVD to be an important and cost-effective endeavor. There are numerous benefits for your patients and for your clinical practice. For more information about becoming certified to perform and read PVCTA cases, please read this article by Dr. DeFrance.

Course Highlights

  • Didactic Topics for Carotids, Thoracic, Abdominal, Runoff studies
    Extensive review of anatomy, clinical indications, diagnostic modalities, treatment, acquisition, case examples, CTA in planning vascular procedures, workstation buttonology, systematic review method for each area, & reporting

  • Hands-on training
    • One physician per workstation
    • Systematized reading approach that helps improve clinical accuracy and reduce reading time

  • Interactive Software Training System (PV-CTA Mentor Program)
    • Individualized Mentoring program
    • Minimize time away from your practice
    • Large library of PVD cases with diverse pathology with the option of reviewing more cases if desired
    • To view a short narrated video of how the PV-CTA Mentor Program functions:


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Not Certified in CTA?
Get your Cardiac & Periperal CT Training in only 4 days at our site  All PVD classes are one day following a 3-day Cardiac CT class. Therefore, if you are not certified in CTA, you can spend 4 days at our clinic to get trained in Cardiac and Peripheral CT.

CTA Mentor self-study software requires access to a workstation. You may choose to remain at our training center after the live portion of the course to use one of our workstations to complete your training. Workstations are also available for lease for home/clinic training purposes.


  • 1 day of hands-on workstation training & 3 days of interactive self-study software

  • Earn 50 CMEs

  • Didactics are completed online before coming to the training center, minimizing your time out of the clinic

  • Prerequisite: Level 1 cardiac training

  • Tuition: $3,950